Hello world!
One year after, we did it a second time!
ACCENTVA002 - Various Artists 002 will be here soon and it will be a seriously uncompromising opus.
The idea behind this compilation is divided in two approaches, one is to tale you a story, a journey trough kaleidoscopic visions, various climates and textures, contemporary shapes of electronic music.
The second line is to definite something new and fresh, stuffs which intent to redefined the music across genres and styles, with originality and freedom.


Sub Accent introduces this new album with an ethereal track driving by arrhythmic spatial drums, endless loops of harmonic leads and behind, there is a sea of punctual elements and blue pads.

Antimonium continue the story with a track full of textures, the grain is omnipresent here, all elements seems to be united like a stone wall sculpted by machine potentiometers, with a cosmic real bassline and a sensitive drifting synth which slight like a drop of water here and there, reminds some krautrock’s pionners work’s.

The third track is a very refreshing stuff composed by Ikpathua, starting with some dancefloor and funky minimalist beats, and this acid bassline turn the listening into a psychedelic and morphing trip, just a pure experience of dance, eyes closed.

E110, come back here after a long silence (the very first release of Accents Records!) This track represents nicely the sound universe of this russian producer, weird and precise dub techno, with stroboscopic resonating leads, and his minimalist clubbin’groove.

Vincent Vidal, well known French producer, BP member, and DJ since a long time is here with this serious techno track, progressive and hypnotic. In continual metamorphosis, a weird FM leads crosses the landscape, granular microrythms seems to be discomposed by a strong techno rhythm.

Gëinst is a young and talented French Newcomer , it’s his first apparition on Accents Records, He was reveled by A R T S label owner’s Emmanuel. His track is a very deep trip into the forest, emotional and with infinite details.

Iazikzazubami closed the party with this electro acid ambient hit,
In Space Suspended is a track to listen to end the night, or when you're back home..



1- Sub Accent - 15 steps

2- Antimonium - Dusty Groove

3- Ikpathua - Zomboogie

4- E110 - Something

5- Vincent Vidal - If your job puts you sleep

6- Gëinst - Canopée

7- Iazikzazubami - In space, suspended




Mastering at Ultimae Studio (Vincent Viluis aka Aes Dana)
Released 28th June 2017 on Accents Records (^^^)


released June 28, 2017

Accents Records (^^^)



all rights reserved


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